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Rating NC 17 Pairing Spike/Buffy Distribution: Spanderfiles,… - velvetqueenie

Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Buffy
Distribution: Spanderfiles, anyone else, please ask.
My muse has been AWOL for months now, but while trolling through Lazzi's journal today I found this little gem http://laazikaat.livejournal.com/8696.html which has got my muse all interested again.
Syummary: Spike was fucking her ass again.  Set in Season 6. Continues from lazzikaat's short ficlet  In the Dark  Probably better if you read that first.  
Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.
Warnings: Degragation, dark, not a happy fic, be warned. 


Spike was fucking her ass again.
"My lovely slut, give it to you harder...."
He had her on her hands and knees like a dog like a bitch in heat and was ramming into the wrong hole with savage thrusts.

"Take it, bitch, all of it, gonna choke on it slut..."
She knew he would rather lay her down on her back. Face to face. With her legs wrapped around him.  He wanted to make love to her.
She wouldn't allow him to. That was too close to what she'd had with Angel. Her only love. She wouldn't let Spike there again. She regretted that she'd allowed it that first night. But never again.

He was hurting her. He always did now. She made sure of it.
"Fuck yeah, my good slut, beautiful  ..." His words continued, dirty words, words for a slut, words she insisted on.

He hadn't prepared her properly. She wouldn't let him. She needed the pain. The degradation.  It was her penance.
"Oh fuck! I'm gonna come so hard you're gonna taste it, slut..." A hand snaked around and clever fingers began to work her clit.

She was close to coming. She knew he was too. He'd begun to pant, drawing air into dead lungs. Angel had done the same and tears slid down her face at the memory. Spike was deep inside her now, his large cock sliding easily in the blood his rough fucking had caused. It didn't matter. Slayer healing meant she'd be totally recovered before they met the others at the Bronze later this evening.

They hadn't been back to the Bronze for over a month.
She felt herself grow wetter at the memory of what they'd done that night. What she'd let him do to her. In full view of the dance floor (if anyone had glanced in their direction) he had peeled her blouse down to her waist exposing her naked breasts, as he penetrated her from behind while her oblivious friends had danced on the floor below. Unaware. Anyone could have seen them!

She'd come harder that night than she ever had before.

He had made her pierce her nipples the very next day, and given her an expensive heavily weighted ring to wear. It  swung now from her right breast with each hard thrust. She hadn't let him put a ring on her finger, she suspected this was his way of marking her as his instead.

Tonight they were going back to the Bronze. Back to their special spot. He'd told her he wanted to show off her new ring. "Fuck, I'm coming, slut! I'm fuckin' coming...!"

He  hammered into her as his devilish fingers brought her toppling over the edge with him, her spasms milking his cock for long moments after he'd collapsed down over her.

She didn't want to go to the Bronze with him tonight. She could hardly wait.

The End

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