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And Now For The Movie... - velvetqueenie
And Now For The Movie...

Title: And Now For The Movie...
Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander
Distribution: Spanderfiles, anyone else, please ask.
Summary: AU. On an alternate world where Vampires rule, Spike and Xander return from Angelus'  party.  This continues directly from Party Time and will probably not make much sense if read alone.
The usual warnings apply. This is dark!fic, nonconsensual BDSM, slavefic. It's not light or fluffy, ok?
Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.

My Master ran his hand through my hair as I mouthed his cock through the silk trousers he wore. I was crouched at his feet as was proper for a Body Slave, as we returned from the party Angelus had given to introduce his own newest Body Slave, Lindsey. The damn Aphrodisiac Incense Angelus had burned all night still swirled through our systems and Spike, still incredibly horny, pulled his hard cock out and slipped it between my lips. I instantly hardened even more, impossible though that should be, and pain shot through my cock, imprisoned in its cramped cage. I sucked on his firm flesh, velvet over steel and just as unforgiving, and drew on all my training to maintain my strict control. I owed it to my Master to be the best Body Slave I could be. It was forbidden to distract him from his pleasure with my own intense need.

He lay back against the car's well-upholstered back seat cushions and closed his eyes, enjoying my ministrations. I was well trained and while sucking hard at the head I lowered my mouth down the long shaft, feeling the thick head of his cock push against the back of my throat. "Yessss..." he hissed, jerking up and forcing his cock deeper. I swallowed rapidly around the thick head as he jerked and spasmned, pumping spurts of cool cum down my throat. My balls throbbed in agony as my cramped cock attempted to cum. This new cage was much too small to allow that of course. Spike'd had it made specially to my measurements and it was guaranteed fail-safe.

Relaxed after his release he sprawled back among the cushions, a beautiful rumpled fallen angel come to Earth. He continued to stroke his elegant fingers through my hair while I concentrated on controlling my lust. My breathing finally steadied and my poor abused cock relaxed a little.

Spike looked at me through hooded eyes. "Ya get the movie done okay?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. I had used an expensive little toy to film the chain-bang he had taken part in at the party while my back recovered from the punishment I had earned for my bad behaviour earlier. The damned Aphrodisiac Incense had torn away my control during a party fuck, and begging to be allowed to cum, thus distracting my Master as he took his pleasure had earned me eleven lashes at the flogging cross Angelus had conveniently provided for the use of his guests.

"Good," he purred, his mouth twisting in a satisfied smile. "Almost two hours that chaing-gang fuck must've took, what with those extra three coming to join us half way through." He sounded pleased, and my cock twitched as I remembered the scenes I had filmed. Despite the pain in my back and from my cock as it expanded in its tight cage I had stayed hard as a rock while I filmed the whole session as he'd instructed.

"Can't wait to watch it." He leered down at me and rested his hand on his hardening cock. "We'll download it straight to the bedroom player when we get home. Bit of entertainment to round off the night."

"Yes Master," I agreed readily. I am extremely well trained.

He gazed back at me with an amused expression. "How long's it been since ya cum, pet?" he asked me.

"I think its been almost two months, Master," I said, unable to keep a tremor from my voice. Please..please...please...

"Two months..." he mused. "I can't remember, was that the night I had to punish you a little, beforehand?"

"Yes, Master, that was the night." The flogging had gone on for ever, a drunk and horny Spike was a bad combination. But afterwards... ah, fuck! That had been good.

"I like your eyes when you cum," he said. "They kinda glaze over." He smiled sweetly at me. I began to allow myself to hope, even thought I knew he liked my eyes desperate and begging even more.

The limo turned into the underground carpark and pulled to a stop in front of the lift. The driver waited for us to alight, before driving the car to its designated parking space. Spike held my leash in a tight grip as we stepped into the lift. "Kneel," he said, and pulled his erection from his trousers. This was our special game. If I could get my Master to cum before we reached the Penthouse he would remove my cage and allow my cock to have a week's freedom. Unfortunately the lift was sleek and modern and took very little time to ascend to the top floor. I had won the game only once in five years.

Dropping to my knees I engulfed the mushroom head of his cock in my mouth and did my best to bring him to completion. He was close, I knew, when the ding sounded, announcing our arrival and my failure.

Spike took hold of my head in both hands and pumped hard a few times, finally squirting cum down my throat, while I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to will my erection away. I was shaking when the lift doors opened. Have I mentioned that my beautiful master with the face of an angel is a sadist?



Spike lay on his side, cocooned in bodies. A blonde slut facing him had his beautiful cock down her throat while he squeezed one of her overblown breasts, while behind him a redhead was working his ass with her tongue. Her own ass was being well reamed by a handsome black man clamped behind her who was also busy sucking on the cock of yet another man sprawled across the heap. This guy was working Spike's blonde slut's other breast. The slut was fully occupied rocking on the cock of a guy almost hidden behind Spike, out of camera range. His face was entirely hidden as he was lip locked to my master, but I knew Spike's fingers were up this guy's ass, as I had circled the heaving panting mass of bodies with the camera, faithfully recording all the action.

Spike loves nothing more than watching himself having sex while he fucks me. I also love watching my beautiful Master's lean muscular body working towards orgasm on our large flat-screen TV with full surround sound. I was spread face down on our huge bed, a cushion placed considerately under me to take pressure off my cage, and my legs spread wide by a spreader bar as Spike tried to time his cumming with the on-screen Spike's pleasure. "Yesssssss..." my Master hissed as he thrust into my tight channel. Spike had not replaced the butt plug earlier this evening and my ass was being well stretched.

The on-screen Spike had the advantage of the Aphrodisiac Incense Angelus had filled the room with at the party, but Spike's own natural vampire stamina combined with his strong libido was helping him keep up. "Oh fuck...fuck,pet...fuck! fuck! yessssssss!" he panted as pleasure rocked through him. On-screen Spike was shooting cum down blonde slut's throat in time with my Master's orgasm.

Spike lay sated for the moment above me, his weight draped evenly over my larger body. We watched on-screen spike recover and roll towards his next playmate. The gorgeous black man, Gunn, Spike had said his name was, was another new aquisition Angelus had brought specially for this party to amuse his guests. On-screen Spike moved up to kneel behind him and rested his hand on his ass to get his attention. He'd moved on from his earlier partner and was now fucking the long haired cowboy Lindsey. They both stilled while On-screen Spike positioned himself and thrust inside Gunn in one hard push. Gunn cried out and then went back to coring the cowboy. The three of them found a rythmn quickly and made a stunning picture.

My master's cock was filling again, I could feel the hardness pressing against my ass. But instead of driving into me as I expected he rolled off me and flipped me over onto my back. I looked up at him in surprise while the sounds of gasping frantic sex came from the screen now out of my view.

"You done well tonite," he offered when I stared at him in surprise. Fuck! Yes! came from the room's speakers

I was confused and my face must have shown it. I hadn't been given permission to speak, though, so I stayed silent and waited. "Oh God in Heaven!" blonde slut shouted as she finally came. I remembered she had joined Master's threesome, pushing her tit into the cowboy's face while she rubbed at her clit, desperate to cum. Someone had taken pity on the slut and come up behind her, fucking her ass for her while taking a firm hold of her free tit. She hadn't taken long to cum noisily after that. My cock throbbed and pushed against its bars.

Meanwhile, at home, my Master smiled at my confusion. "That ponce Angelus burning that incense crap," he explained. "Of course ya had no hope of keeping control with that stuff in yer blood, pet. And 'course I had ta punish ya, what with it all in public and all, but ya did well all the same and ya deserve a bit of a reward."

With that he pulled the key to my cage from his wrist band and removed the torturous device.

My cock sprang free and I was instantly in torment as my blood flowed fully into cramped and pinched tissue. I gasped and curled up slightly as Spike grinned delightedly down at my agonized face.

Panting harshly I waited out the familiar pain as full circulation was restored. Fuck, I hated this part. Even with the Aphrodisiac drug still in my system my cock had deflated to half mast. I knew that wouldn't last long, already I could feel Spike's erection pushing against my hole as he spread himself over my body.

"Love the look on yer face when I do that, Xan," he murmered into my ear."It never gets old." He tapped my thighs and I obediently lifted my legs over his shoulders while he lined up his erection and slammed inside me. Pulling almost all the way out he gazed down into my face. "Fuck, yer so beautiful when yer in pain," he continued as he slid back inside me.

But the pain was fading and my cock was beginning to take a real interest in the proceedings. Spike felt my growing interest pressing against his stomach and looked down between us. "Not until I say," he reminded me.

Now the real torture began, as my beautiful cruel sadist fucked me unmercifully against the backdrop of sound coming from the TV speakers, the gasps and moans of the chain-gang-fuck I had filmed for him earlier. I could hear the cries of completion his various partners had made, cries of "Fuck, yeah...harder you bitch...fuck, I'm cumming...just there, yeah, right there..." as he stroked against my magic spot with nearly every thrust.

I could feel myself riding the edge of cumming, and knew my Master was fully aware of how dangerously close to the precipice I was. Finally when I had almost reached the point of breaking down and begging him for permission to cum his thrusts became eratic and ramming deeply inside me he said "Cum, pet," and sank against me, allowing the walls of my channel to milk his orgasm from him as I finally let myself explode in pleasure.

I came back to myself finally to find my Master wrapped around my prone body, absorbing the heat he loved. I realised he had replaced the cage. He was running a damp cloth over my chest, wiping me clean. "Yer know," he mused "Angelus was right. The longer I leave you in that cage, the longer I make you hold off, the more amazing it feels on my cock when I finally let you cum." He smiled up at me. "That was fucking fantastic," he confided, "You practically sucked the cum outa me when you came, you were so desperate after just two months, I've never felt yer ass grab hold so hard, it was brilliant, pet." He hugged me tighter. "I reckon we'll make you hold off for three months this time."

"As you wish, Master," I whispered. Anything he wished, of course, for my beautiful sadistic Master.... and love.

The End


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laazikaat From: laazikaat Date: July 2nd, 2009 08:15 am (UTC) (Link)
*whew* you sure write intense. Why do I get the impression Xander was a bit jealous of blonde slut getting close to his master, lol?
akasakasan From: akasakasan Date: July 2nd, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

I don't really know how to write anything close to articulate after that. I'll try though.

This was wonderful. So hot, but then again all your stories are, and I've really missed your posts. Fantastic story as always!!

Now I'm going to have a cold shower... *melts*
velvetqueenie From: velvetqueenie Date: July 2nd, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Lol, my work here is done.
spiceblueeyes From: spiceblueeyes Date: July 2nd, 2009 09:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Um...I have no words for how HOT that was!
velvetqueenie From: velvetqueenie Date: July 2nd, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. The whole thing just popped into my brain. *gah*
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